Transforming Health Care Leadership

A Systems Guide to Improve Patient Care,
Decrease Costs, and Improve Population Health

by Michael Maccoby, Clifford L. Norman, C. Jane Norman, and Richard Margolies
Jossey-Bass Publishing, 2013.
List: US $50.00
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Transforming Health Care Leadership is a call to seek the knowledge and master the tools necessary to survive the unprecedented level of change that health care organizations and their leaders now face. The authors methodically challenge management myths that may have worked in yesterday's health care bureaucracies but have no place in the types of learning organizations that are coming to dominate this field.

Health care organizations are challenged to improve care at the bedside for patients, learn from individual patients to improve population health, and reduce per capita costs. To achieve these aims, new kinds of leaders are needed in all parts of the organization. These leaders need to apply and integrate:

  • Strategic Intelligence (foresight, partnering, visioning, motivating)
  • Shared Philosophy (purpose, practical values, ethics and moral reasoning, definition of results)
  • Profound Knowledge (systems, variation, personality intelligence, theory of knowledge)
  • Methods and Tools based on the above to move a health care organization from a bureaucracy to a learning organization that can adapt to continual change.

Readers of Transforming Health Care Leadership will find themselves much better prepared to thrive and succeed in today's environment, by improving the patient's experience, challenging prevailing assumptions about cost, and raising the health of the populations they serve.


I read many leadership books and have participated in several leadership development programs. I have a specific interest in systems science, decision analysis, and organization and community transformation. I run the public health division of a major urban health agency. This brilliant book hits a grand slam!!! If you want an integrated, comprehensive framework and road map (with examples) on how to transform your health system into a learning health system, then this is the perfect book for you. This book is absolutely brilliant and not everyone will appreciate this because you need to have enough vision and organization experience to understand what these authors have accomplished. This book is a tremendous gift to organizational health leaders at every level that aspire to lead their team, unit, division, or agency into strategic, self-organizing, continuously-improving, high-performing systems (and subsystems) that protect and promote health, prevent disease and injury, and improve quality of life and well-being.

By Tomas J Aragon (San Francisco), Dec 20, 2014.

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