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Michael Maccoby

Picture of Michael Maccoby is a globally recognized expert on leadership who for 35 years has advised leaders in businesses, governments, unions, universities and non profit organizations in more then 30 countries. He is president of the Maccoby Group in Washington, D.C. which offers consulting, coaching, research and leadership workshops. He has a PhD from Harvard University, where he directed the Program on Technology, Public Policy and Human Development from 1978-90. He graduated from The Mexican Institute of Psychoanalysis where he studied under Erich Fromm and with him wrote Social Character in Mexican Village. He is author of The Gamesman, The Leader, Sweden at the Edge, Why Work?, Narcissistic Leaders and The Leaders We Need. He is a fellow of the American Psychological and Anthropological Associations and the National Academy of Public Administration. He teaches leadership at Oxford University’s Saïd School of Business where he is an Associate Fellow.

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The photograph of Michael Maccoby was taken by Sandylee Maccoby.

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