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Becoming a Leader We Need with Strategic Intelligence

Offered as both a two day or a three-day workshop

NEXT COURSE DATES: New Dates will be announced soon!

What people have said about this workshop

"In his speech that goes to heart, Dr. Maccoby can put in your hands the results of years of life experience, an experience that is full of endless convincing and joyful stories, wonderful values, and a vision that targets the happiness of human being. It is very easy to find training, but very hard to find somebody who can positively change your way of thinking for the better and for the good."

"Excellent discussions. The topic of strategic leadership/intelligence I found to be very useful. I was happy with all aspects of this workshop. I really enjoyed the group discussions that were triggered by the workshop topics. Really excellent group participation. Dr. Maccoby was a great facilitator of these discussions."

"Dr. Maccoby helps us understand leadership using the most holistic point of view that I have seen about finding purpose and meaning in our lives and others, and translating it to leading together towards the common good."

"First two-day seminar that was not at all boring but very very meaningful, insightful and interesting."

"It really presents areas not really approached in a semester long leadership course I took in grad school."

"It's great to participate in a workshop with interesting people and a bona-fide expert in the subject."

"Professor is clearly very knowledgeable and passionate about the topic and "ever-learning." Impressive"

"Excellent to have examples and insights from such a wide range of sources - philosophy, politics, business, religion. Very human."

"The workshop was both an honor to participate in and an opportunity to learn more about the most cutting edge work in leadership development being done today."

"I learned a lot. The time was well spent for me."

"I really enjoyed the 2 days and personally got a lot out of the course."

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